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Attorney Nicholas R. Nesi


I am deeply invested in defending the personal rights of my clients and to that end, I work tirelessly at bringing each matter to a successful conclusion. When someone suffers an injury caused by the negligence of others, it gives me great satisfaction to help them obtain the fullest compensation possible under the law. Clients find me easy to work with and accessible. I routinely meet with a client at their home or other convenient location. I return all telephone calls in a timely fashion and keep clients regularly informed as to the status of their case. At times I may bring in co-counsel to assist me at no additional charge to the client. I will, however, always remain the attorney on the client's file and I will continue to be the client's contact person to the conclusion of their case. At Action Law Group, I'm proud to serve clients from Metro New Haven and throughout Fairfield County regardless of their income status. We focus on people involved in physical accidents, motor vehicle accidents, workplace accidents, and victims of animal bites.